Aegir Hallmundur

Designer & Researcher

If you've been sent a URL, please use that to see my full work history and contact info.

I am a product designer with considerable experience designing for the web and apps, developing and maintaining brands and design systems. I design for inclusivity, accessibility, internationalisation and localisation and aim to bring colour, light and life to everything I make.

I enjoy researching problems and listening to people to learn how to make things work better for them. I have a 'gentle and encouraging' interviewing style, an approach I bring to all my work. I am highly literate in the English language and am a clear and effective communicator.

Through my work and various courses I've taken I know enough French and German to design for those languages and I have designed UIs localised into Arabic and Hebrew.

I use Figma daily and maintain a large design library using it. I use Miro, Affinity apps, Adobe Creative Suite regularly, and work with those tools and HTML, CSS and JS and (in my personal work) PHP to build tools and prototypes.

For many years I maintained the typography and illustration blog Ministry of Type, which I hope to restart one day. I always have several personal projects on the go, from my personal blog to making artworks, toys and functional things, usually out of wood.

My key skills are:

  • Inclusivity, accessibility, internationalisation and localisation.
  • Researching, interviewing and research analysis.
  • Highly literate in English language and a clear and effective communicator.
  • Open, kind and gentle personal style.
  • Working design knowledge of French and German and of Arabic and Hebrew typography.
  • Personal interests in making artwork from wood and paper, and my personal site.